Merry Christmas!🥳🥰

This year, I was able to light up my house for Christmas🥳.
The usual year, I was to selling my towels as souvenirs to holiday visitors at the Ojai Farmers Market on the last Sunday of the year. In preparation for that, I was printing on Christmas day, but this year I am spending a relaxing time in a warm room.😇
I miss you all, but I don't think it's all bad to be unable to go out.
I went to a place I hadn't visited in a while at someplace on my home property. In one corner of the front yard, at the deep place of the backyard, beside the garage, on the roof of the patio, on the bunk bed in my son's room.🤩
May the things I made in my little house send you Merry Christmas!🥳🥰
Merry Christmas! from Art Mina