Collection: Eco Friendly Face Masks

Learn more about the Art Mina Eco Friendly Face Masks Collection. During these challenging times, we crafted we wanted to ensure everyone had the ability to find Eco-friendly reusable cloth face masks. Mina has created these cute cloth face masks that sure to brighten everyone's day. Let's pull through this hard time with a light and gentle heart.

Eco Friendly Face Masks FAQ's.

Question: What sort of ink is used for the creative designs of these reusable cloth face masks?

Art Mina: We only use non-toxic water-based inks that are safe for you!

Question: Where are these reusable cloth face masks designed?

At Mina: Each of our Eco-Friendly reusable facemasks are illustrated and hand-printed on Silk Screen by the artist Mina Wilcox in California.