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- Brightening the World from a Small Art Studio in California -

Mina's art adds a vibrant and cheerful ambiance to your space
and promotes sustainability with her environmentally conscious practices.
Her humorous and playful designs will surely brighten up your day
and bring a smile to your loved ones.

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Rin - Hagerstown, MD on Dec 18, 2023

This is such a beautiful and warm sweatshirt - I'm trying to be careful with how much I wear because I want it to last a long time, but I love it so much! I read that they run a little big, and as someone who usually has to size up for sweaters so they cover my wrists I was suspicious, but I went ahead and ordered it in my size and the fit is wonderful! (and I'm getting a frame for the tissue paper it came with - it is simply wonderful to recycle)

Art Mina Rabbit Collection

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