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Hand Printed Napkin "Japanese Good Luck Charms"

Hand Printed Napkin "Japanese Good Luck Charms"

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The cloth napkin, featuring a design that incorporates Japanese auspicious symbols, was illustrated and hand-printed by the artist Mina Wilcox with joy in her small art studio in California. These eco-friendly dinner napkins make perfect table decor, can wrap your baked goods, or serve as a thoughtful gift for your grandmother.

Japanese goof luck symbols

- Pine, bamboo, and Japanese apricot trees are considered symbols of good fortune and longevity.

- The crane and the tortoise have been symbols of longevity since ancient times.

- Sea bream is believed to bring good luck and is often used as an ingredient in dishes for happy events and celebrations.

- Seigaiha, the "wave crest" pattern, represents endless waves and symbolizes the desire for tranquility.

- Sacred Mount Fuji, with its towering height, graceful shape, and reputation for bringing good fortune, holds a special place in Japanese culture.

- In Japan, cherry blossoms are considered a motif that brings good luck.

DETAILS: 100% Cotton Cloth Napkin

Size: Square 18.5"W x 18.5"H in ( W 47cm x H 47cm) *Please allow for slight size variance

  • Prewashed and Preshrunk
  • Traditional Crepe Weave(Momie) of Cotton
  • Hemmed edge
  • The napkin was made in India and hand-printed in California with non-toxic water-based ink.

Care: Machine Wash Warm Water, Tumble Dry

*As each item is printed by hand, the placement of colors and patterns may differ slightly from the photos. If you would like to view the pattern of the item that we'll send you, please let us know. We'll send you a photo. Please note that colors may appear slightly different on your computer screen.

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Mina Wilcox's Art
The images captured in Mina Wilcox's art are from the imaginary "Poe Poe island" of the Hawaiian Islands and Polynesian culture. They are her travel journal about the scenic beauty of Poe Poe island and the people's relaxed lifestyle. Welcome to her deeply tropical and humorous world!
U.S. and International Copyright laws fully protect the artwork.
Copyright ©Art Mina Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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