The tax filing is over!!!🤣🙌

After the tax filing is over, I upload products to my online shop every day. The work on my website is one of my favorite jobs!🥰

Recently uploaded products!🤩

"California Pier" Toddler t-shirt  Art Mina "California Bear" Large Canvas Tote Bag
Art Mina Organic Baby Clothes Ojai California "Me! Me!" Art Mina Ojai Canvas Lunch Bag "Me! Me!"
"Support Your Local Farmers" 100 % American Grow Cotton Unisex T-shirt Art Mina Pumpkin T-Shirt
Art Mina Flour Sack Towel Art Mina Original Illustration "California Bear" Art Mina Flour Sack Towel "California Pier"
Please let me know if there are any confusing or annoying parts on my website, It will be very beneficial to us!🙋‍♀️

Also, the office remodels, the garage installations are underway.
Creating new images and developing new products are waiting for me.😅





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