Mina on the WEV newsletter!

Our Artist and Art Mina's Owner, Mina Wilcox on the WEV (Women's Economic Ventures) newsletter!
The warmth of WEV almost made me cry💕
Mina on the WEV newsletter!

Congrats to Mina Wilcox, Artist & Owner of Art Mina on the incorporation of her business last month! Mina began her small business journey in 2014—inspired by her husband’s encouragement and appreciation of her artistic skills. Mina grew up with entrepreneurial inspiration all around. Art Mina Wilcox features her beautiful hand-printed artwork on California Eco-Friendly items – everything from clothing and cotton bags to kitchen tea towels. Mina graduated from WEV’s SET (Smart Entrepreneurial Training) program in 2017 and shared that getting her business incorporated was one of her milestones. She said, “It had been my goal since I learned about S-Corp in WEV’s SET class in 2017. Thank you to WEV for your great help!”

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