Gift Ideas for Teachers and School Staff!

With the last day of school just around the corner, I've been busy shopping for gifts for teachers and school staff. So, let's brainstorm! Here are my gift ideas that they'll love!

Gift Ideas for Teachers and School Staff

1. Jams, honey, chocolate fudge, soaps, and bath bombs from the local farmers market.

My favorite is Kelsey's homemade chocolate fudge! It's delicious, vegan, and healthy. I especially like the raspberry flavor. Once you try it, you'll wake up early on Saturday just to buy it. It sells out quickly at the farmers market, so if you need a large amount, you can order it by phone.

2. Assorted teas, dried fruits, and cookies from local shops.

I always check out the small gift sections in local coffee shops, delis, and gelato shops, where they sell exclusive products, rare imported treats, and local crafts that you can't find anywhere else.

3. Assorted cute stationery items.

The key is to choose items that they will enjoy using at school. Select cute and unique Post-it notes, washi tape, mini memo pads, erasers, scissors, etc., to create an assortment.

4. Flower pots.

Decorate flower pots purchased from a home garden shop with wrapping paper. Attach a message card.

5. Everyone loves gift cards.

The key is to spy on things that teachers like, such as Starbucks, movie theaters, restaurants, and craft shops.

Art Mina also offers gift sets such as lunch bags and napkin sets. Take a look!

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