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Cheer for the new year!!!🥳

I was one of the people working on New Year's Day!🤩

Thanks to you all for continuing to support my tiny business!!!🥰

Art Mina's 2021 Plan 🤩:

1. New image! New image!! New image!!!🤮
Last year I spent a lot of time uploading products and studying online marketing. So this year, there are a lot of screens I want to make!🤯

2, Continue to upload products.😅
There are many products that have not been uploaded yet.😵

3, Interior and Art Mina. 😍
Having more time at home with Covid-19 reminded me that I liked the interior.😍 This year, I want to challenge textile patterns and cushions! We will introduce the products along with the DIY of the house.😉

4, Video editing 😁
Social marketing will be a routine task.😌 Leave SEO to professionals.🤨 I plan to edit the video this year so that you can get to know Art Mina more deeply🤪 (and for my enjoyment😁)!



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