Art Mina pop-up Holiday Season Tours 2018, Day 1st at Los Angels Printers Fair!

Yes... I haven't written a blog since 2016😑

Anyway! We joined for pop-up  at Los Angels Printers Fair 2018 in October 13th and 14th! It was so fun😍

Los Angels Printers Fair 2018

Art Mina pop-up at Los Angels Printers Fair2018 from Winnie

I truly surprised that there were high - level artists. All printing works were terrific!

There were a lot of hands-on activities! You can print with this big machine👍


We were happy to show our new items,  California Map T-shirt and Cat t-shirt in there!

California Tee Fatique Cat Tee Graphite

 Thank you for coming to our booth!!  See you at next Art Mina pop-up!

Art Mina Pop- up Schedule! 👇


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