Art Mina Owner, Mina Wilcox was spotlighted at Women's Economic Ventures

Art Mina Owner, Mina Wilcox spotlighted at Women's Economic Ventures
Women's Economic Ventures👉🏼👉🏼 Mina Wilcox began her small business journey in 2014—inspired by her husband’s encouragement and appreciation of her artistic skills.

Mina grew up with entrepreneurial inspiration all around; her father owned a restaurant, and her grandfather was a printmaker.

Her business, Art Mina , features her beautiful hand-printed artwork on California Eco-Friendly items – everything from clothing and cotton bags to kitchen tea towels.

She joined the WEV community in 2017 and “learned that business means making a profit. It is not a bad thing.” Mina reflects that “WEV has been a gentle ally of my company."

Mina celebrates the little victories her business has made along the way, including hiring a temporary SEO specialist. She is most excited about starting to get orders online.

In navigating the difficulties of language barriers and transitioning to an online platform, Mina shares some words of wisdom: “Digging forward little by little every day. Emotions are a compass. Go towards fun and excitement.“

Mina, we are grateful for the beautiful art and kindness you bring to the WEV community!
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